• Yesterday we went to the UA-UT basketball game. As expected, the UT fans acted like complete asses. There was this (fat, middle-aged, obnoxious and orange-clad) couple a section over from us that, every damn time UA had the ball, would scream “DEFENSE!” That’s it. Over and over again. Everyone kept looking up at them as if to say “Hey…shutthefuckup!” Eventually one of our fans started yelling “OFFENSE!” at them and it was ridonkulously funny. We won, luckily. “Rammer Jammer” has never tasted so sweet. As a side note, some asswipe in the student section held up a big poster saying “Brokeback Mountain was filmed on Rocky Top.” Classy and intelligent! I think someone made him put it away. Way to represent the University, shithead…
  • Later that night we met our friend Mike at El Rincon for dinner before we went to Jupiter to see the North Mississippi Allstars. The opening band sucked so freaking bad and they did so for over an hour. I didn’t think opening bands really ever played that long. Maybe it just felt that way. At any rate, the NMA didn’t come on until after 11, and we only stayed until about 12 for the sake of the puppy dog, who had been crated up since 7:00. This morning my lungs were pissed at me for being around all that smoke. Urgh.
  • I baked 4 dozen cookies for the French club bake sale. I kept a few for myself and they are absolutely incredible. That’ll be around $10 for them right there. I think I may really get into baking and try more complicated stuff.