I’ve had it up to here (picture me stretching my hand up as high as I can) with my fcuking job. Yes, I realize this is a common theme in my entries, and I do apologize. I know (KNOW) that every job has its problems and that you should learn to adapt and accept it. Despite that, I think that my job is bogus and I deserve better, even if that “better” means “temporary unemployment.” Here is a nice, organized list of my complaints about my job:

  • I rarely get paychecks on time. As of press time, my January paycheck is 10 days overdue. Uncool.
  • My business manager is a big bitch sometimes. She seems very clueless and unsympathetic to what we as teachers go through, and when things don’t work out, she immediately blames us rather than reflect on what she could have done better.
  • Communication is terrible at all levels. I return calls and e-mails promptly, but it appears no one else at my company feels this is necessary.
  • My boss makes a lot of deals w/ people (schools and parents) that rely on us, the teachers, to fulfill them. Not her. Problem is, they are impossible to fulfill. Example: Yesterday, I had a student in the extended day program that I asked the e.d. teachers to call him in from the playground and send him to the library for his lesson. This is 5 minutes before his lesson is to start. I go back to start teaching the other 3 students in the coming rotation, and he never shows. Somehow, I’m expected to just sit around in the extended day room and wait for him while I have three other students there ready to go. I’m not sure how this is supposed to happen in real life, but somehow I’m at fault. ::glare::
  • I spend 30-45 minutes going to pick up the equipment and setting up the equipment and then another 20 or so minutes dismantling the equipment, yet my entire compensation for this is $5. Um, that’s not fair, considering I spend at least an hour with the equipment and $5 isn’t a fair per hour wage. Not to mention from home to the studio to the school back to the studio is well over 50 miles total. And I’m not compensated gas money/mileage and I should be, according my contract. I’m doing a lot of stuff I’m not paid for.
  • My coworkers are so irresponsible. When I get the equipment to teach, it’s usually packed incorrectly and the supplies bag is in a horrible mess, meaning I can’t find anything I need (bungee cords, pencils) and there’s always a ton of garbage in them. Ugh.

Ergo, as we speak I’m drafting my notice. I’m letting her know ASAP that I’m no longer available after my last lesson is taught in early May. I am also doing a serious job search. If it comes down to it, I’ll take a not so good job to tide me over until something better comes my way. As long as I can make close to what I’m making now, I’ll be fine. I am also looking into perhaps summer assistantships so that I can also take classes. Anything but causing myself this much stress for so little pay. I made the same amount in one week hostessing at a restaurant as I do now teaching an entire month of piano. And hostessing was a hell of a lot more fun