A good bellydancing class always puts me in a better mood. I’ve
been in an uber-foul mood since, uh, Thursday and it didn’t really
improve after my (typically shitty) teaching day yesterday. Class today
was really, really boring. I seriously -heart- my professor, but
there’s this Russian lady in my class that just starts talking and
talking (about what…I don’t know) and I honestly lose track of where
she’s heading mentally and I zone out. This happens about 4 times every
class. Not to mention it’s a late afternoon class, which is slump time
for me. I didn’t have time to eat dinner before heading to bellydance,
so I was hungry and sort of pissy.  By the end of class I was much
more pleasant of a person to be around. I talked to one of my best
friends on the phone for awhile after class in the Rec parking lot and
then headed home to eat broccoli risotto (yum).

Earlier today, in the interest of sanity, I updated my staff
application on the UA job website and re-did my references and applied
for a couple jobs. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I hope I get
something. Anything. I also made sure to note that I did not want them
to contact my present employer. Hell. No. I will hand her my notice
sometime towards the middle/end of April. I want to do everything “just
so,” so that she can’t say anything negative about me. (BTW, Melissa,
is it still OK to keep you as a reference?) I am proud of one of the
cover letters I wrote for one of my apps. I think I did a great job of
expressing my interest in the position without sounding
schmaltzy/insincere. Even though the job isn’t that high-paying, I
think the environment will be so much more pleasant, and it’s
salaried/with benefits. Score.