My hair definitely resembles my WeatherPixie much more so now than it
did way back when I first put it on my user info page. Scary.

Last night I did the first two of eight forms for my advisor. I am
about to start on the other six, which I will hopefully knock out in an
hour or two. For some reason I anticipated them being more involved
than they actually are. Considering this is my first assignment, I feel
like I should be uber-perfectionist and prompt, otherwise my
end-of-year evaluations won’t be too good and I may not have funding
when it’s all said and done. Can’t let that happen…

Scott and I went to the UA vs. Arkansas game last night. It was such an
intense game that was tied at the final buzzer, and we went into
overtime. I don’t know what happened, but we suddenly just kicked into
overdrive and won. The whole Coliseum was just wild. And loud. The last
few games I’ve been to have been pretty boring and disappointing, so it
was nice to see a game that was exciting. The whole night the refs kept
making some questionable calls (or not making calls that should have
been made) and apparently a lot of people weren’t too happy. The guys
behind us were obnoxious rednecks. And loud. Oh, so loud. And they
wouldn’t stop talking the whole time, which I find annoying. I know
it’s not like you’re supposed to be totally quiet, or even quiet at
all, but they were just talking to hear themselves talk, and 90% of
what they said was so idiotic. Not to mention sort of crude.When I
found out that one of them was dipping, I said to Scott, “We’re
leaving. Now.” That’s the one
thing that makes me incredibly sick, and I wasn’t about to sit there
around it. We moved a few sections over instead, which ended up being a
good thing, what with the overtime and all. Even though it sucks about
Chuck Davis (knee injury), I think we’ll get along just fine.

If I have time today, I may go ahead and make the cake portions of the
cakes I’m making for this weekend. The frosting will have to wait until
the day of, but I think it will really make things easier if I can sort
of break the task up into parts. That being said, this cake isn’t too
hard to bake, compared to what else I was looking at (chocolate cake
with a layer of raspberry creme in between and frosted with chocolate
ganache icing dotted with raspberries). With the cost of raspberries
this time of year, it would have been ridiculously expensive, and the
quality of the berries wouldn’t have been up to my standards. I may
also make this strawberry mousse that I found a recipe for in my Larousse Gastronomique,
which was one of my presents from Scott. It calls for whipped cream (as
in cream that you have whipped yourself), and I know it’ll be good. I’m
so tired of eating desserts that are completely made of faux and
processed things. The other night we made pesto vegetables with
spaghetti squash and marinara. That was one of the most amazing things
I’ve had in a long time. Spaghetti squash is quite the interesting
food. I may try to make something today so that when I get home tonight
(after 9) I will have something to eat ready-made.

OK, work now, play later.