Yesterday, to say the least, was NOT my day. I
started off the day (rainy and dreary) in line at the post office to
mail off some stuff I sold on eBay (my old router and wireless
adapter). The line was insane because Monday was a holiday. I hate the
post office. Hate. The lines are always long, no matter what time of
day, and I feel that the people who work there are all a few bricks
short of a load. And rude. So after that lovely experience I went to my
office to sit around and wait for my advisor to get in at 11 so we
could talk about my responsibilities for this semester. While the
meeting went generally very well, she gave me a lot of work to do. And
I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to be able to do it the way (I
think) it should be done. She’s having me go through this book about
grant-writing and scanning in copies of forms in the book for her
current and future use. The problem is, I feel like the forms are too
small and I’d like to blow them up to full page size, but I can’t for
the life of me figure out how to do it. I’m basically scanning them in
as .pdf files and then putting them in Word documents. I’ve done two
already and I sent them for her approval before I get ass-deep into
them and she decides they aren’t right. I also have a crap load of
articles to copy, meaning tomorrow I’ll be in the library for quite a
long time. And I also teach and have class that night. Shit.

After my meeting I took a friend out to lunch as
promised and then battled traffic to get to work to pick up the
equipment to go teach. I don’t know what the hell happened but I got
there about 15 minutes later than I had planned. And it was raining.
And I had nowhere to park. Then I get there and find out I have three
more students that no one told
me about. Fuck. This really sucks because I had rescheduled one of my
private students for Tuesdays at 4:45, but no way in hell will I be
able to pack up and get there, considering I’m not done until 4:30. So
now I have to deal with her mom and explain that I’m going to have to
hand her off to another teacher, which I’m sure won’t be easy. I wish I
could just fucking give up the school I teach at because the students
in general are kind of annoying and their parents are unreliable.One my
new students kept bothering me and finally I just had to say, “Look,
I’m teaching other people right now and you’re going to have to go sit
down and read or something until it’s time for your lesson.” Do people
not teach their kids to sit down and shut up anymore? I am very
seriously considering quitting after this year. I told her I’d be
around next year, but I can’t deal with this, and I feel like it’s
cutting in to my academic work, and that’s just not gonna happen.
Money’s nice, but I’m not making a whole hell of a lot and it’s not
worth this much stress.

I didn’t get out of there until nearly 5 (mind you I
hadn’t been home since around 9:30 or so) and then Scott called up
wanting to know what I wanted for dinner. At that point I was just, “I
don ‘t give a flying fuck,” so we agreed to go out. When we finally got
in around 6:30, we discovered that Brubeck had crapped all over his
crate (since he’d been alone for so long, that’s hardly surprising), so
then we had that to deal with. Ughhhh. To make matters even better, I
didn’t really sleep again last night because my stomach is still just
burning. It’s been like this for a few nights now. I think I may switch
to a bland diet until things calm down. I don’t think it’s stress
because it does this even when I’m not stressed out, although I’m
guessing stress isn’t helping too much.

I really freaking hope that today is better because otherwise I’m going crazy.