Question: If it’s 55 degrees outside, why am I so damn cold???! I
actually turned the heat on (a big deal since last month’s gas bill was
astronomical) when I got home from class because it was bad cold. I
almost dread getting in bed since it will likely be very cold for the
first 10-15 minutes. Don’t get it!

I had class tonight and I think overall it went ok. My Schezuan
broccoli decided to pay me a visit halfway through class, but other
than that things were great. I found out today I’m working with the
professor for this class, so now I have her for a class and I’m working
for her. We’re supposed to meet on Tuesday to discuss what I’m going to
do. I hope she’s doing something fun. Her past research has been kind
of interesting and I hope she’s still working along those lines. She
seems like one of those “up-and-coming” types and I think I’d be smart
to align with her and get on her good side.

Tomorrow is my francophone cinema class. It better be fun. And
hopefully not too much work. If nothing else it gets me out of my
teaching Friday afternoon lessons to a student who does NOT want to
play. I’m hoping my language skills aren’t too rusty, but if they are I
can buy a Berlitz course or something to sharpen up. I’m thinking of
taking some French classes over my next few semesters, just to keep up
and hopefully learn some more.

This weekend, hopefully, will be rather low-key so I can get organized
for the semester. It certainly won’t be lazy because I have plenty to