I love James Blunt. Love him. I just bought his CD (that I’ve been
wanting for a month or so) and it didn’t disappoint at all. I don’t buy
a whole lot of music, especially current stuff, so when I do I have
pretty high expectations. It’s not that I’m cheap (ok, maybe a little)
but when it comes down to it, I don’t have a whole lot of disposable
income, and I’d rather spend $15 going out with friends than on a CD.
Especially since Scott hooked me up w/ his Rhapsody account, the only
reason I’d buy an album is if I wanted it on my iPod or to listen to in
the car. Other than that I can just get it on demand and listen to it
on my computer speakers.

I’ve decided to get my isht together, not necessarily as a new year’s
resolution (although the timing is uncanny). I’m trying to get into the
habit of balancing my checkbook rather than just say, “Oh, last time I
checked my account online I had X dollars. Of course that was 2 weeks
ago…”I haven’t overdrafted in quite a while, but I’d rather have a
good grip on my money so that I learn to spend better and save a
little. I’m actually in OK financial shape right now and I don’t want
it to go to my head. I’m also cleaning out my kitchen because it seems
like I have way too much extraneous crap and it keeps me from wanting
to cook anything. I found a bunch of Pyrex dishes that were totally
gross and I’m going to wash them and then decide what I want to keep
and what I want to donate. I’m doing something very similar w/ my
clothes and with my bathroom cabinets. I think having less will help me
better appreciate what I have.