I have to get back to the gym! Not because I need to lose weight, but
because I am so friggin’ tired all the time. I took a nearly 2 hr nap
this afternoon, which I don’t think is normal. I tired by 11 or 11:30
most nights and I wake up around 8 or so. I think if I was a bit more
physically active I’d feel better. The extent of my exercise is doing
stuff around the house or taking puppy dog out for walks.

I finally ordered a new cell phone yesterday and it should be arriving tomorrow. I hope it arrives before I take off for Athens to attend QUIG
Friday night and Saturday. This thing has freaking 9 hours of talk time
and over two weeks of standby, which really smokes my current one. I
have to recharge it practically every day, and I don’t really talk all
that much on my phone. I sometimes go an entire day without using it
once, but the battery still runs out.

I probably oughta order books sometime soon so that all the good deals
aren’t snapped up by my colleagues when classes start. I hope buying
books this semester isn’t a huge walletectomy like last semester was.
My Qual 1 class alone probably had over $200 worth of books, but I
think this semester my Qual 2 class will run me somewhere around
$70-80, which I can deal with. I am going to try to start saving more
money so that if my summer financial situation isn’t great I’ll have
something to fall back on. Maybe I’ll stick my tax refund in savings to
start me out and get me motivated.