I swear I’m not trying to be shady, but I just don’t really update all that much when I’m away from home. I am, unfortunately, still in Missouri. Don’t get me wrong; I’m having an awesome time, but the reason I’m still here is because Brubeck is still in the vet hospital. Hopefully he’s coming out tomorrow and we’ll take off Monday. That makes two whole weeks that we’ve been here (minus 4 days I was in AZ). I would have liked to have been home by now. Ah, well. We visited Brubeck today and he was himself again. We got to take him out for a potty break and he was running, barking, and eating leaves, so I know he’s doing well. He’s lost a good bit of weight, but hopefully we’ll be able to get him back up to a healthy weight. I’m so paranoid that he’ll get it again, so when I get home I will be sterilizing everything. And picking up all his poop. Mmmmmmm.

I got my hair cut yesterday, despite my plans to donate to Locks of Love. It was getting too long and difficult to style, and it was constantly tangled, unless I pulled it back. I went to an awesome guy here in Columbia and he did a great job! He chopped off about 4 or 5 inches into a cute layered bob that goes somewhere below the chin and it flips out. Sorry, no pics yet, but rest assured, I am much happier about my hair now! When I get back home I’m going to get my color/highlights done, since the other guy at my salon couldn’t do what I wanted and had to do just some highlights to tide me over. He did only charge me for the cost of the color, though. Even though the place doesn’t look too sharp, it’s really nice to have someone who knows what he’s doing.

For those of you who have Cingular: What phone do you use and do you like it? Why or why not? (I ask this b/c I’m due for an upgrade and my V220 is a huge piece of shit).