So yesterday I had a conference w/ my BER 673 prof to turn in my final
project. She asked me a couple questions about my project (and if she
should view it as a final or rough draft). Then she said that I was an
excellent writer and that she enjoyed reading my abstracts. And, as if
that wasn’t enough, she then suggested that we do some work together
(and I could do the writing). This could be really, really
good for my career. I told her that she made my day. I lied. She made
my fucking year! She said that she’s writing up some grant proposals
and that if she gets some of the bigger ones, that she could hire me on
to some of her work and pay me. As in a salary. And benefits. Yay!

In other good news, my advisor told me that I should come to a
conference w/ him in Athens (GA) in early January and serve on a panel
where he will discuss his school restructuring project. He said that
since I transcribed the interviews and had discussed it so much w/ him,
that I was definitely qualified to answer questions. Even better, I can
put it on my vita.

I have to take Brubeck to the vet today for his first checkup and I
really want to get some cleaning done around here. I may also try to
finish up my shopping today. That would rock.