This weekend has been so crazy! Between working on projects and dealing
with , I’m kind of
distractable and spazzy. I’ve got around 12 pages done on my project,
so I think another hour on it between now and Wednesday will get
everything finished. I need to come up w/ some dang themes for my other
project, and they’re just not popping out at me. I’ll come up with
something. Maybe on Tuesday if I get a chance I can finish up my
transcriptions so that Tuesday night I can just relax and revel in the
completion of one whole semester! Tonight, as a reward for all my hard
work this weekend, Scott and I saw Syriana.
It was incredible. The negative reviews I read said that the movie
seemed to have no point. Obviously they weren’t paying any attention or
were complete morons. Either way, they’re totally wrong. The scene with
the pliers (,
you know what I’m talking about) made me cringe, but it wasn’t nearly
as violent as I had anticipated. I give it ****1/2 out of 5.

I will be so glad when Wednesday comes.