Subject line courtesy of the CNN weather casters. I don’t know why, but
I laughed my ass off. I probably won’t be laughing when I’m up there in
a few weeks freezing my ass off. At least I’ll have a four day reprieve
when I’m in Tucson, where it’ll likely be in the 60s or 70s. That will
rock, even if it means I have to pack totally different clothes. Ah

Last night Scott and I decided to unwind a bit by going out to Little
Willie’s (a jazz bar downtown).  We got there and then found out
this awful band was playing, so we went to Catch-22, and it was
swarming with law students (who felt it necessary to come over and
schmooze) and grad students. I saw this dude from my Qual 1 class and
he was dressed like he always is: nice pants, sweater, and white
collared shirt. He looked nice, but I think it’s funny that he always
wears the same sort of thing. Oh well, whatever works for him. I think
tonight we’re going out w/ our friend Al and his fiance, who just got
into town (she’s been working in Ohio as a librarian).  Then this
weekend it’s strictly business. By Sunday night I would like to have my
BER 673 and BER 631 projects totally done. Monday night I have my stats
exam (non cumulative), so basically after that I’ll have nothing to
do  but show up to turn my projects in. I have a couple pages on
my 673 project (the one about overeating in adolescent girls) and
everything but my themes done in my 631 project. I’d also like to
finish this interview I’ve been transcribing. Thus far I’ve done 21
pages, double spaced, and it’ll probably be near 35 when I’m done. It’s
a good thing I type fast or I’d never be able to finish any of these
things. This is my fourth interview to transcribe, and none of them
have been less than 30 pages, double spaced. Unreal.

I’m debating whether or not I want to get my hair re-colored. I don’t
like it  how it  is now (sort of caramel-y, but washed out
and my roots are sorta showing) but I’ve received a few compliments on
it. I like my hair right after it’s colored because it’s so dark and
pretty with really subtle red (and I mean RED) highlights. I know that
I’ll probably be in a lot of pictures in the upcoming weeks, and I want
to look good, not like someone who’s been too lazy/busy/frugal to get
her hair retouched. Plus my students have their recital next week and I
want to look professional in front of the parents, not like some
scruffy grad student.

I seriously doubt I’m going to get any work done today. I just don’t have it in me.