Judging by the time I post this, you can safely assume that I did not
make it to the Jump show. We didn’t get out of class until around 7:20,
and I needed to go to the ATM, get gas, change, etc. so I just said,
“Screw it!” I’m not too happy about it, to be sure. I even checked
Atlanta and Winston-Salem, but Atlanta’s sold out and the W-S show is
only for students at the North Carolina School for the Arts. Shit. I
guess the only silver lining I can possibly muster is that my last Jump
show was with Scott, and I’m happy that I got to introduce him to Jump.

Rather than sit at home and pout, I went to the last half of the
UA-Notre Dame basketball game, which we narrowly lost. I apparently
came at a good time because during the first half we weren’t playing
too well. I did get a free T-shirt out of the deal, so all is not lost.
After the game I got Scott to try Lai Lai with me (his first time
ever).  As usual, it was yummy, but the bad thing about Schezuan
broccoli is the fact that each floret is so freaking huge and they
don’t provide plastic knives. So I looked interesting while I ate, to
say the least. I have half of it left, so now I can eat it at home w/ a
knife like a civilized human being.

In other good news, I found out my BER 673 project isn’t due until next
Wednesday at 10:15.  That gives me a chance to really put in some
quality work and not stress over it. I’m having a massage tomorrow (one
hour!!!!) and then I’ll try to come home and get some work done. By
this time next week I will be totally free, and I’m definitely looking
forward to that. My Christmas shopping list is down to two gifts (one
for my aunt and uncle and one for Scott’s parents), so that’s also
another burden that’s about to be lifted. I am really thriving, for