I have finished all my BER 673 abstracts! Those things are such a
pain in the ass to write because I have to extract all the main points
and then critique them. Sometimes I just want to say, “Hey I really
liked this article and I can’t say anything bad about that,” but they
don’t like that because it means I’m not a scholar. Sigh. I seriously
need to get cracking on my research design project because I’m still
not entirely sure when it’s due, but the sooner I get it turned in, the
better. I totally changed my focus a couple weeks ago and it’s made for
much stress trying to find articles to support my ideas. I went from
talking about just school nutrition and nutrition education to
specifically focusing on adolescent girls and overeating (emotional or
otherwise). My research set up will probably involve a qualitative
study with interviews with over 100 different girls of varying racial
and economic backgrounds and the interviews will probably be about
their upbringing, stress, coping mechanisms, and attitudes towards food
and body. I could seriously see myself doing this or something related
for my dissertation. Even though I (thankfully) never have had problems
with overeating, a lot of people I know have or do and I’ve seen what
it does. From my research it looks like people want to talk more about
anorexia and bulimia, so overeating/binging becomes the redheaded
stepchild of eating disorders. I guess even researchers aren’t immune
from social biases.

As it turns out, I will probably not be going to Atlanta. Bummer. I
really wanted to go and hang out and have a good time, but
circumstances intervened. It’s probably better that way because we
would have stayed with a guy that my friends tried (nobly) to set me up
with earlier this year, and that may have created some awkwardness,
since I’m not sure what his feelings are for me, if any. And I’d be
lying if I said that I was devoid of feelings for him, although not to
the extent that it would jeopardize my relationship with Scott. Still,
prevention is always better. It also means that I’ll much more time to
work on stuff around here, and I’ll save $, which is of utmost
importance right now because I’m on a tight budget.

I think a little lunch is in my immediate future.