Yesterday was a hell of a lot more stressful than I thought it would
be. I had a lot to do and seemingly not nearly enough time to do it. In
retrospect I probably should have skipped the basketball game, but it
definitely made for some good times.  We played (and narrowly
beat) Winthrop and for once there was a decent crowd in attendance. The
first few games, because they’re non-SEC, tend to be very poorly
attended. At the Memphis game there were entire sections that were
empty. You could hear what the coach was saying to the players, which
says a lot about how few people were there.

I am working on my research design project now, and I shot an e-mail
over to my prof to ask when exactly this thing is due. If it’s not due
until Friday, then I’ll take my pretty little time and turn it in
Thursday afternoon before I head to Atlanta (with the lovely sister of
the lovely ).
If it’s due finals week, even better. I would have all day Sunday to
put the finishing touches on and then turn it in before my stats final
on Monday of exam week. Considering I’ve turned everything else in on
time and my classmates typically haven’t, maybe she’ll cut me some
slack and give me a few days.

There’s really not a whole lot going with me right now. I’m just so
swallowed up in school and work that I don’t do anything worth talking