I’m getting really frustrated with ewiz.com.
I ordered a wireless card over a week ago and it has yet to come in.
They’ve already charged my card for it (I checked this morning) but no
goods. I tried calling them a few minutes ago and they weren’t open yet
(they’re on the West Coast, meaning they’re two hours behind).

I’m also amazed that my cousin married such a whiny bitch. I talked to
my mom last night and she said that my cousin called Thursday night and
said that my cousin’s wife was accusing me of swiping her VT car
magnet. Whuuuuuut-evah. They even went as far as to ask for my freaking
phone number. Luckily my mom covered my ass and said she didn’t have it
on her. I can’t help it if it fell off or whatever. If they’re going to
pull pranks on people they need to learn to deal with it when people do
likewise. And how mature is it that a 26 year old still plays pranks on
people? Uh-huh…it’s mean, but I’m sooo glad that they haven’t had
kids yet.

My BER scholar paper is done! Wheee!  Now all I have left is my
RDP and my final project for BER 631.  I need to transcribe an
interview, too. Oh, and take my stats final. I can’t believe I actually
survived this semester. I’m looking forward to next semester, even if I
am taking three classes again. One of them is a class on the psychology
of morality, and the other two are just continuations of classes I’m
already taking. I’m also hoping to take a class in the summer term
(hopefully stats) because it would be nice to be done w/ courses asap
so that I can get cracking on a dissertation (once I figure out what it
is I want to research…)  I had a really bad dream the other
night that I had finished everything for my Ph.D. and when it came time
to graduate there was a mix-up and they had me down as graduating with
a B.A. I was furious and tried to do everything I could, but in the end
I walked through graduation for another bachelor’s degree.  I
think it’s just a manifestation of my fears that all this work I’m
doing won’t get me anything job-wise. I wonder if other people deal
with issues like that.  I feel like it’s just a repeat of the
feelings I had during my job hunt this spring, that I had worked so
hard and it got me nothing. I think I should go talk to someone who’s
been through my program and ask them how they handled the stress of not