I’m pretty tired and way overfed! It’s been a very,
very lazy Thanksgiving holiday. Wednesday Scott and I basically did
nothing, with the exception of me going to a dinner and hanging out w/
some friends for a few hours without him.  We played bridge a
little bit that night, but we ended early because most of us had to get
up early to travel.
Thursday we left Tuscaloosa around 9:40 (just a few
minutes later than planned, but no big deal) and drove to Montgomery. I
had brought dressing made w/ no chicken or chicken broth and I had to
stop by Bruno’s for a veggie tray (that almost no one ate!) but we got
there by about 11:45. That was great timing as far as I was concerned.
I knew if I wasn’t there by about noon she would be giving me crap
about never being on time, although anyone who knows me knows that it’s
not a problem for me. Whatever. The food was all really, really good
and even though I was not eating turkey, I still managed to get a lot
of food. I felt like rolling over like Violet Beauregard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Scott got to hang out w/ my family, and did ok even when I had to
abandon him for things like talking to my mom (she’s moving this
weekend so I was making sure she was ok with it) and a little bit of
shenanigans. My cousins and uncle are all huge Auburn fans, and they
took my UA tag off the front of my car and turned it upside down. But I
got the last word. Let’s just say that people will be just a bit
confused when they see a Jeep with an upside down VT magnet, an Auburn
license plate frame, and a UA tag on the front. >:-)
Yesterday I was smart enough to stay the hell away
from the mall in the early morning hours. I did that madness last year
and I’ll be danged if I’m doing it again! We did get out around 12:30
or so, and I managed to buy something for my mom during the last
minutes of the doorbuster sale at Parisian. We went to Target, where we
bought Christmas stuff and I found the most awesome gift for my sister.
Now all I have left to get is something little for each of my cousins,
something for my aunt and uncle, something for Scott’s parents and
something else for my dad. At Home Depot we bought a really pretty tree
and spent most of last night decorating it and generally admiring it.
Maybe I’ll post pics because it’s my first “real” tree I’ve ever had
(besides at my parents’ house).
I think I need to get some work done but the motivation is soooooo not there. Big surprise there!