What a cold, depressing, rainy November day. Typical, but unwanted.
Luckily I have a two-day week ahead of me, so I can’t rightfully
complain about anything! I have to go teach in around an hour from now
and then I need to go to stats tonight, so I’ll probably get out around
7:30 or so. I am feeling soooo much better about that class since I
went to a 3 hr long tutoring session on Thursday just to clear up any
misconceptions I was hanging on to. The extra practice was nice, too. I
get to retake the test the week after Thanksgiving, so hopefully this
time I’ll have an A, which is what I would have had if I hadn’t messed
up my frequency table. Tomorrow I have class 6-9, and then nothing
again until next Monday. In the meanwhile I’ll be catching up/wrapping
up my work that’s due at the end of the semester. I need to finish my
scholar paper and get cracking on my RDP to turn in the 7th. As much as
I have to do, it doesn’t really feel all that overwhelming. I may
retract that in a couple weeks, though.

I read the most awful opinion piece
in the CW today. I wanted to track her down, whack her over the head
and then ask why the hell she’s even in college if she doesn’t plan on
doing anything with her education. I wrote a response, which I will
probably turn in for next week’s CW, since I’m sure they’re not
publishing again this week. I haven’t written anything scathing in
awhile. I kind of missed it.

OK, tea time, then teaching time. I also need to check my mailbox to
see if a little “somethin’-somethin’ ” came in today. (i.e., Scott’s
Xmas gift that I got an amazing deal on and that I know he’ll
like…and that I’m not going to say what is because he might read
this! lol)