I feel like I am in the last throes of sickness. My energy has returned
and my nose isn’t as runny as it has been. I’m still coughing, but
what’s new? Of course being sick came at a price, what with doctor
visits, drug co-pays, and lost work/productivity time. And the fact I
had no energy to cook so it involved a lot of going out to grab
something, or sending Scott to get something. Now I can get my life
back on track.

I discovered that I’m not really eating enough and that might
contribute to my sickness. Makes sense. I’m trying very hard to eat
more, but honestly I can only hold so much. Last night I had veggie
chili (with crackers and Veggie Shreds), a salad with ranch, and turtle
brownies. This morning I didn’t eat much in the way of breakfast, but
I’m going to Rincon with Selma in a little while here and I’m sure I’ll
make up my losses! Tonight I’m going over to a friend’s house and she’s
making dates stuffed with butter and walnuts, so that’ll definitely
help balance things out. Ha!

Yesterday I had on my very cute camel colored peacoat that I bought
last year and I kept smelling something weird. To be honest, it smelled
reminiscent of dead rat (or at least how my apartment smelled when I
had one…ughhhghg) but I couldn’t really figure it out. I did one of
those Dryel treatments this morning, and it finally clicked…cat
urine. Scott’s cat Applejack (,
the orange kitty) pissed on my jacket.ย  I thought it felt sorta
damp a few days ago but I didn’t think anything of it because I’m
always spilling coffee and stuff. Now I’ve got to drop it off at the
cleaners (a wallet-ectomy) so that it doesn’t reek.ย  Growl.

My mom called me the other day to tell me she got a job in Chattanooga
and she’s moving the weekend of Thanksgiving. I was really happy for
her, of course, but I was also happy because this will be the first
time in her life that she’s working full time and living totally on her
own. I’m proud of her for taking such a big step at this stage in her
life (she’s in her mid 40s). It also means she’ll be so busy (and
further away) that she might, just might, leave me alone and let me
live my own life! We’ll see… As a sidenote I think it’s a good thing
she’s moving out of her sister’s house because she wasn’t conservative
until she started living with her sister. Maybe she’ll end up being
cool (i.e., liberal) again. Again, we’ll see.