So here’s what my to-do list looks like:

  • BER 673 abstract (3 more, 2-3 pages each)
  • BER 673 class prep
  • BER 631 interview coding
  • BER 631 presentation next Tuesday
  • reschedule shitload of lessons
  • more reading for BER 673 paper
  • writing more on the BER 673 paper
  • attend stats tutorial on Thursday
  • stats homework

And I wonder why I feel vaguely overwhelmed? Hmmmm…maybe I should add “reality check” to my list.

My energy levels have been way down this week. Yesterday I went to my
office for the first time in a couple weeks, and walking just the 4 or
5 blocks from my car really wore me out. I seriously thought I was
going to pass out. In class last night (stats) I was sooo tired, and
annoying dude irritated me even more than he would have if I was
feeling better. I’ve come to the realization that everyone in the class
dislikes him, some even more so than me, so at least I don’t feel like
an asshole because I don’t like him. I left early to pick up my new
scrip (I had my doc take me off Ortho-Evra until they’ve established
that it’s safe…I’m taking Yasmin now) and then met Scott for dinner.

I have class tonight and I’m not looking forward to it. I think
Thanksgiving break will be good for me. I need a real break, not a
sickness- induced break where I scramble like crazy afterwards to catch
up.  I look forward to the spring semester when I have two
classes, only one of which I have to go to (the other is an
Internet-based stats class).