I really
think I will be looking for a new job that starts May 2006. My piano
teaching job is cool and all, but it’s not really paying all that great
and there are a lot of little things that are really pissing me off.
First of all, I had been going out to Mercedes every Thursday morning
to teach classes to the day care kids, using a Kindermusik curriculum.
I recently found out that that’s completely un-cool because Kindermusik
only allows certified people
to teach from their curriculum. If they had found out she was doing
that, they would have totally revoked her license in a second. The
reason I’m not out there anymore is because she said she got a call
from the director of the facility saying they weren’t happy with the
services they were receiving from us and didn’t need for us to come out
anymore, especially since the new company doesn’t want to continue with
us. She offered to go out there herself to teach the classes for the
rest of the month and not bill them. When I asked her if they had
mentioned any specifics, she said no, but how in the hell could they
just say “We’re not happy” and not name something in particular they
didn’t like? I honestly don’t see what it would be that they didn’t
like. I always showed up on time, I was always completely prepared, I
was flexible with the teachers’ needs, I put up with classes where the
teachers viewed me as an excuse for a 30 minute coffee break, and I
always made sure my lessons were fun and educational. I’m curious to
see what’s really going on. Something isn’t adding up. I’m also pissed
off about the door, because it needs to be fixed and half the time I
can’t lock or unlock it. She knows it’s a problem but she isn’t doing
anything about it. I almost couldn’t get in the other day to teach a
lesson. If I had needed to reschedule it, I would have been
hellaciously pissed off. I also get pissed when she calls me
incessantly and then says “Did you get my message?” yet doesn’t return my calls or e-mails for days. It works both ways, and it’s not working so well from her end.

Friday was teh suk because of
the aforementioned issue with the door at work and because Scott spent
most of the evening at a dinner in honor of Clarence Thomas that I
couldn’t go to because the faculty weren’t allowed to bring
spouses/significant others…but the rich alumni were. So glad to see
the University has its priorities in order. Nevermind that the SGA
president (who essentially cheated to get the position) was there. And
some random law students. Everyone that I had called to hang out with
did not call me back. It was a lonely night for me. Saturday was
slightly better. I watched part of Amelie,
which is probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Scott and I
watched the game and went to someone’s housewarming party, and then I
went to an awesome party. I don’t think I had eaten that well in awhile, and it
was fun hanging out with people that I don’t spend nearly enough time
with. After I left I went home and watched a special on 48 Hours
about a murder that happened in Decatur back in 1999 that I still
remember pretty well, considering the guy who was convicted of doing it
lived across the street from me when I was little.

Sunday Scott and I had lunch at Swen and then went to a baptismal party
for his friend Dan’s baby boy, Pete. Pete’s maternal grandmother
apparently grew up in Grove City, PA (where my dad’s from) so we talked
a lot about Grove City. It was weird because I haven’t been there since
before my grandmother moved to Arizona. I didn’t realize how much I
missed going up there. I think a trip up north is in order sometime
soon. I also finished watching Amelie and watched the Quiet American,
did an abstract for BER 673 and did my stats homework. This week will
be busy because I have to finish my book for BER 631 so I can do my
book review and prepare the presentation for it. I also have to finish
my coding for the interviews in that class, do the reading, pick up and
do the reading for BER 673, prepare a rough draft for my scholar paper,
do the transcription for an interview for my advisor, try to do another
abstract for BER 673, go to a stats tutorial on Thursday and re-take
the test (my grade in there wasn’t what I wanted). I had plans to go to
Atlanta this next weekend, but it’s not looking like that will happen.
Being sick certainly did me no favors.

It’s ass-kicking time…