I really felt bad about my whining yesterday, but I really felt bad
about a lot of things in my life. I guess everyone assumes that I’m
super busy or something because I never get to hang out with anyone. I
call people, and they don’t call me back. Call me lame. Call me
pathetic, but it hurts. And it’s only exacerbated because I’ve been
sick and stuck at home for a week.  I would have given up some
toes just for some human contact. Scott certainly wasn’t helping
because he was doing a ridiculous amount of grading and he seemed
distant at best, but more like totally disinterested. Wednesday was
especially hard because I wasn’t feeling any better two whole days
after going to the dr. and getting drugs. I cried for about an hour and
laid around feeling sorry for myself. I had to cancel my lessons
because my chest was burning and I felt really sick at my stomach. When
I called to tell my prof that I wasn’t going to be in class I had to
struggle not to cry, which was really difficult after she asked, “Hey,
are you ok?”

I hope that I’m feeling this way because of general malaise and being
stuck inside rather than something deeper or more serious.