My weekend’s over. And it wasn’t all that great. Yesterday was my “feel
like shit all day” day. Today was “drive myself crazy spending 3 hours
with my mom and aunt” day. Truth be told, it could have been worse, but
there were times I just wanted to stand up, pull out my hair and scream
“Shutupshutupshutup! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” When my mom, sister and I were
trying to schedule a day to have “Christmas” my aunt kept interjecting
“No, that won’t work” to almost everything we suggested. Um, did we ask
her? No. So shut up. No, shut up! Just snide bitchy comments all
afternoon. I couldn’t wait to get the hell out.  I bought the first Coldplay album for $8, a $5 shower gel
from BBW (Raspberry Vanilla) and a cute sweater duster
from Anthropologie.  And no, I didn’t pay even half that. Not
even…A pretty successful shopping trip, I’d say. When I got home
Scott wanted to go have dinner, so we went to Olive Garden and then I
decided to get some work done that I had been putting off a few days. I
have a nice “to-do” list done for at least the first half of the week.
Since I’m not going out to Mercedes anymore, that saves about an hour
of prep time and then four hours or so on Thursdays, so I’ll be able to
accomplish a whole lot more.

On Friday, Clarence Thomas is coming to lecture at the law school. Even
though I sure as hell don’t agree with him politically (and think he
should have been kicked out after the Anita Hill crap), I definitely
want to go see him. Scott’s got to go to some dinner that night (in
honor of Thomas) but I can’t go (security reasons, I think). It kinda
sucks, but oh well.

OK, bath time!