Even though I won’t get to partake in the festivities (I have class
from 6-9), I am still glad it’s Halloween. Maybe I’ll wear something
silly when I teach or wear something to class. I need to go to Target
to shop for necessities since I just got paid, so I may scope out
what’s left over. Maybe just some vampire teeth or something. I have a
tiara somewhere but I think it’s in a box and I don’t feel like
searching for it. I also should buy some candy not only for my students
but for any potential trick-or-treaters. I’m not expecting much, if
any, but I would feel so bad if some little cutie pie came knocking at
the door and I had nothing!

Apparently a UA freshman died in a car wreck this weekend in Georgia
somewhere, and already people are posting messages on his Facebook
wall. Sooooooo sad. He was born in ’87, and he’s dead of a car
wreck…at first I thought, “Hey, he’s not old enough to drive!” But
then I realized that being born in 1987 would make one to be 17/18
years old, which is plenty old enough. Geeeeeez. So young. Such a
tragedy. Next year’s class of incoming freshmen will have been born in
1988/1989. Whoa. Just whoa. When I get my Ph.D. finished, the incoming
freshman class will be born in….1991/1992. Duuuude. That’s getting
closer to the point where I could (biologically) be the mom of a
college freshman. Gih!!!

I received some good news the other day. I had been worried for awhile
about my funding in the spring, since I was under the impression that
my assistantship was only for a semester. As it turns out I’m being
funded for the entire year. Very, very relieved.

This week should prove to be quite busy. I have a lot of reading to
knock out, some more coding stuff, teaching, and I’m getting ready for ‘s visit this weekend. Yay! We’ll definitely have a good time.