There’s a lot I could be doing right now. Unfortunately, I’m not doing
it. I told myself I was going to be ultra-productive today. Riiiiight.
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, so they say. I did get
a couple of loads of laundry knocked out and I read an article for my
Wednesday class (one that I should have had before class, but
whatever). I may type up an abstract on it since I need to have done
five abstracts by the end of the semester and I’ve done one, meaning I
have a little over a month to do four more. Bugger.

The bonfire last night was nice, even if it did start about an hour and
a half after I thought it would. I thought it was at 7 or so but it
didn’t spark up until 8:30. By then it had started to get pretty cold
and the fire’s heat was a serious improvement. After that Scott and I
watched Jackie Browne a Quentin Tarentino film (post-Pulp Fiction).
It had Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson (as the ultimate bad-ass bad guy),
Robert DeNiro, and some others. I definitely recommend it. I want to go
see Chicken Little, Good Night and Good Luck, and the Wallace and Grommit movie,
but the first two aren’t out/won’t be playing around here.  We
have this nice new huge movie theatre and all we get is shit flicks.
Why?! We never get anything but mainstream movies, and I think there is
a market (albeit a small one) for indie films that they should try to
capitalize on.

OK, hair drying time followed by “Watch Alabama kick Utah State’s ass” time.