My self-pity and loathing has subsided, for now. I had a pretty
stressful week. Coupled with the fact that my internet was down
(again!), I felt like I would never get anything done. Here’s my week
in recap form:

Monday-Stats test. Pwned
it. Oh yes. Considering we were allowed to make a formula sheet for the
test, it made it much easier, since we had over a dozen formulas to
use/know. Afterwards I played bridge, but being the old lady that I am,
went home around 10:30 because I was sleepy. Lame. One of my piano
students and I had this conversation:

Student (7 years old): You should teach all the songs you know to your kids.
Me: I don’t have any kids.
Student: Well you should pray to God so that you can get some
Me: I think I oughta get married before I think about doing that.
Student: You’re not married?!
Me: Nope
Student: Poor you!
Me: ……..Yeah. Poor me. (laughing my ASS OFF inside, struggling to keep a straight face)

I love teaching piano lessons!

Tuesday-Nothing really except
transcribing like a fiend to finish up a 40 page (yes, forty!)
interview for my advisor so that I can stop feeling guilty for not
having finished it even though I’ve had it for three weeks. Class that
night felt long and tedious, though interesting. I think if I hadn’t
been so hungry it would have been better.

Wednesday-I kept trying to find
the reading for my class for that evening (had been trying since
Friday, really) and couldn’t find it. So I finally e-mail her and say,
“Hey, where’s the Lather?” and she basically said, “Oops, didn’t get it
on reserve. I’ll let the others know.” What she neglected to do is send
me an e-mail last week detailing what our readings were, besides the
Lather. Three articles and 2 chapters. And I had none of it. And I’m
sure she really believed me when I came into class saying
“Uh…..readings?”  Shit. I hate that. And it’s all her fault, but
it only served to hurt me. It’s been concluded by me, Scott, and most
of our friends that she sucks. Sucks! I like her and all, but she’s
been just tooooo flaky, especially with me. I’m beginning to suspect
she really doesn’t like me or something. During class, whenever we
would move to a new article/chapter she’d say “Ok, for Heather’s
benefit, let’s give a synopsis.” ::dies:: It was humiliating. Thank God
we don’t have class next week.

Thursday– Taught my classes out
at Mercedes. They went fairly well, especially considering the numbers
I had (I ended up teaching five classes in all!) and all the kids were
waaaay wound up. And cranky. After I finished, Scott and I went to
lunch at Maharaja and then decided that we needed some adventure in our
lives. We were going to look for antique malls/thrift stores, but ended
up going to a place called “All Fired Up” where you paint pieces of
pottery and then they fire it and it turns out really pretty. It’s a
great way to pass a couple of hours. I made a couple of Christmas
presents for people, salt and pepper shakers for my grandmother and a
sweeeeeet ice cream bowl for my dad (,
keep it under your hat).  That evening I played bridge again until
around 11:30, and played pretty well overall, even if I started to fade
around 11.

Friday (today)-I found out from
my boss that a new company is taking over for Mercedes’ daycare, so I
may not be going out there after November. That kind of sucks. I hope
that the new management can be convinced that it’s a good program and
that they should keep us, but if they’re all cost-conscious, then I
don’t see that happening. I’ll miss my babies! (Well, ok, not all of
them, but most of them are cool.) I’ll also be taking a huge hit in the
pocket because those classes were a sizeable chunk of my paycheck.
Maybe I can take on some more Kindermusik and some more more private
students and then I’ll be ok. I guess it’s something I’ll need to think
about soon. I need to do some work today, but the motivation is
sooooooooo not there. If I can work for 2 or 3 hours today, I’ll be ok.
Tonight’s the Homecoming bonfire and concert, and contrary to what I
had heard earlier, the bands for tonight are Better than Ezra and
Collective Soul. I can dig that, sorta. It’s going to be kinda chilly
tonight, but I think I still want to go, and I will actually stay for
the concert. Beats sitting at home doing nothing.