There are a lot of people in my life now that are really irritating me.
My advisor, for one. He told me before I even started in the program
that he was going on sabbatical in the spring. What he didn’t tell me
(even though I knew anyways from other people) is that he is leaving.
He has yet to mention this to me, even though it’s pretty obvious since
I’ve seen the “For Sale” sign in his front yard. I think it’s going to
be up to me to say “Hey, I noticed the sign. Where are you going?” It
sucks though, and in a weird way I’m sad, because he’s an awesome
teacher and I really would have liked for him to chair my dissertation
committee. C’est la vie.

I also have been having trouble with a lot of my friends. A few in
particular are bad about calling me back.  Either they never do,
or they call back like a week later, but then are the first to complain
“Oh, I never get to see you!” Ever think that maybe if you actually returned my call that you’d get
to see me??? I’m tired of being responsible for taking up everyone
else’s slack and taking the initiative in everything. One of these
friends was just oh-so-nice enough to show up late (30 minutes at
least) for my birthday party and then leave after 15 minutes for no
reason. She never apologized or even so much as acknowledged what she
had done, even though it really hurt me. She also had a habit of
cancelling on me last minute, which is also hurtful. I’ve since stopped
talking to her, and I don’t miss the bullshit at all. To quote the
awesome movie Rushmore, “With friends like that, who needs friends?”

I was also involved with an organization on campus, but they were
always scheduling meetings for when I couldn’t meet (when I was in
class or work), yet they had the gall to e-mail me and ask if I could
help out w/ an event that they’re holding on a day that I told
them not to (Halloween, and it’s not a Halloween party). All I said was
“Sorry, can’t help. I have class that night.” I will laugh my
ass off when it flops. Maybe that’s mean, but if they ask for my advice
and then don’t take it, then they can suck it for all I care.

In general I feel neglected and taken for granted. I’m sorry for those
of you who are having to read this drivel (if you’re still reading,
props to you!). I just need to vent and I don’t feel like I have any
good venue for doing so.