My internet has now been down a full week. What the hell? Scott called and bitched at Comcast for a solid 10-15 minutes and it accomplished a little bit, and allegedly they’re coming today to fix it. Correction: They will come fix it today or I’m going up there myself to unleash my wrath and fury. Don’t kid yourself…my squirrely wrath is scary!

I sent in a rough draft of a paper that’s due Wednesday to one of my professors so she could skim it and tell me if I’m on the right track-or not. She said she’d have comments to me by Monday evening. She sent me two e-mails saying “Ok, I’m ______and then I’ll read over it and send you comments this evening.” Do I have comments here on Tuesday morning? Nooooo…yet another bullet in the “you’re getting a terrible semester evaluation” gun. Hell, I’ve already edited and finished it, so I’ll just turn it in as-is.

OK, and another thing…while I’m usually not a big fan of whoever UP brings in as the Homecoming Concert band, this year is an all-time low. They’re having some local Battle of the Bands contest, and whoever wins it is the band that plays the Homecoming Concert. What?! 20,000+ students paying an “activity fee” and all you can pull in is some local band? The hell, I say! I’ll go to the bonfire and then promptly leave. I read some old Corollas from the 60s and 70s, and Tuscaloosa used to get some amazing acts-The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles etc. Like real acts that were actually popular and famous. Not Counting Crows or Blues Traveler 8 years after they’ve had a hit song. Things just continue to suck more and more around here.

I’m going to get some cheese with all this whine I’ve been having.