Well, yet another weekend where I didn’t accomplish a fraction of what
I meant to accomplish. Luckily I overestimated what I had to do, so it
isn’t going to be a huge deal. I’ve done my stats homework, done half
my coding assignment, printed out my reading questions (for the reading
I’ll do tomorrow before class), and now I’m taking a break before I get
to finishing up on this interview I’ve been transcribing on for like a
week.  Today I supposedly have a lesson to teach, but I’m going to
cancel because I don’t have an obligation to teach it. OK, lesson
cancelled. Huz-zah!

Scott and I went to my great-grandmother’s 93rd b’day party
yesterday.  We went to most likely the most miserable church
service I’ve ever attended. Thirty-five minute sermon. Need I say more?
Then another 20 minutes of general bullshit afterwards, to the point
that my mom and grandmother and I were just looking at each other and
saying “What IS this???!”  Terrible.  A pretty big chunk of
my family was there and it was cool.  They were definitely on good
behavior (no racist jokes!) and my cousin even offered to take us to a
snake handling, which we are definitely
doing!  I think a few people thought we (well, ok mostly Scott)
were nuts for wanting to see it, but it is something I’ve secretly
fantasized about seeing.  It seems just too weird to be
true.  So sometime soon, I will be going to a snake
handling. God help me.  (And no, I am not handling them myself!!!!
Oh hell no!)

We took a different way to get back to the interstate so that I could
take Scott down the mountain and through Guntersville, Albertville,
Boaz, and Gadsden.  We stopped at a roadside stand to buy jam and
then stopped again in Mountain Brook to eat at Davenport’s. It was sooo
good, and I can’t believe I had room to eat that much after all the
food I’d had just 5 or 6 hours earlier. I was sooo exhausted when we
got back to Tuscaloosa. I slept like a rock until around 8 and then got
up and I’ve been productive in a way that will most likely make up for
my laziness this weekend. Or so I hope. If I get enough done today I
can justify playing bridge tonight, which would be soooo fun! Tomorrow
I’ll just work all during the day if I need to (with perhaps a stop at
my office) and go to class tomorrow night. Wednesday is my miserable
class and two make-up lessons (and Scott’s birthday).  Thursday is
Mercedes. Friday is…whatever.