How better to start off an entry with a quote from one of my favorite
comedies??? Today’s weather is absolutely frickin’ perfect!  This
is what I’ve been craving for 4 or 5 months now, and it was certainly
worth the wait.  I put on some cute grey pants, a black T-shirt, a
cream-colored sweater duster and my black Enzo boots.  I look dang
good.  After I get through teaching this afternoon Scott and I are
going to Bham for just some general hanging out.  It’ll be nice,
since we haven’t been in over a month (maybe longer).

Last night I went to yoga and then met up w/ a group of people to
practice some salsa dancing.  We ended up going to this guy
Javier’s house, one of the regular group that goes to B’ham.  He’s
a pediatrician, so of course he had a nice and large house. We
basically moved the furniture out to the edge of the room and had
plenty of room to dance. After awhile people got tired so we hung out
until around quarter ’til midnight.  Today one of my friends from
the group called me to see if I wanted to have lunch and I said I’d
meet him at the Ferg at around 12:15.  I think that was a
mistake.  I’ve gotten myself into a pickle because it seems like
he is interested in being more than friends with me, and I’m not sure
if he realizes that I have a boyfriend.  Dang ol’ awkward
situation, man.  I have no idea how to handle it, because I don’t
want to totally shut him out so that we can’t be friends, but I’m
obviously not available.

I need to get some serious freakin’ work done this weekend. Sunday I’m
going to my granny’s for her 93rd b’day party so that day will for the
most part be a total loss, work-wise.  Even still, I am sooo
excited about going up there, and I hope that Scott will have a good
time.  It may test the bounds of his love for the state of
Alabama, but it’ll definitely be a cultural experience for him. I have
to run to Publix at some point to get the stuff to make a veggie tray,
though I may cop out and just buy a premade one.

Off to go teach. Wheee!