I transcribed a 13 page interview for my class tonight, and I have to make 30 copies (yep, that’s 390 pages) for a coding exercise. Rather than do the easy thing and shell out $18 (or so), I decided to come into my office (that I never spend any time in)and print up all of it (for free). I’ve been here 20 minutes and am still on my 5th copy. Bahhhhh! OK, make that #6. Still…I’ll be here awhile. The thing that’s holding up progress is this $%&*ing printer that can’t do just one sheet at a time. One page will print but bring another 4 blank sheets w/ it, so it keeps running out of paper, so to speak, and I have to keep reloading and sifting through the already printed sheets. Even if they get mad at me for “abusing my privleges,” which is unlikely, at least a ream of paper costs less than what it would to copy at Kinko’s or on campus. Five cents a page, my ass. My thriftiness has no bounds.

The more I think about it, the more I like sitting in here and getting stuff done. I should come here more often if I feel like getting stuff done but get tired of sitting at home. I’m thinking of stopping by Gap in a little while to pick up some cute stuff on sale. I think this will be it for shopping for a while since I really have just about everything I need. It’s a nice feeling to have your needs met. It’s also nice to have an entire copy go off without a hitch! ::does victory dance around office::