Once again, we got out an hour early in stats. I am all for that!
We did some in-class exercises, discussed some stuff about normal
distribution and z-scores, and we were out by 8:15.  I wish my
Wednesday night class were more like that.  It’s supposed to run
6-8:50, but she can’t get here before 6:15 (how un-fucking
professional, considering this is the only class she’s teaching right
now) and even though we’re still supposed to get out at 8:50, we never
get out before 9:00.  Ugh.  That class is the most undirected
and aimless class I’ve ever been a part of.  Considering I’m a new
grad student and may need her to be on my committee, I need to stay on
her good side, so I won’t openly complain, but let me tell ya, when
evals come around, she’s going to get slammed!  I don’t expect for
her to get tenure, but I wouldn’t rule it out because of the
racial/gender politics involved. Not that I want to see her fail, but I
do want for her to change her policies and methods.

I made kousheri last night for the first time in a few weeks and it was
sooo yummy.  I also decided to give Scott one of his b’day
presents a week early because I was afraid he’d go out and buy it for
himself otherwise (season 4 of King of the Hill).  We watched a
couple of episodes last night and they were awesome! I don’t understand
why that show isn’t wildly popular.

I need to get my azz off the computer and do something.