So f’in ridiculous

Does it not occur to anyone that in America you can’t just hold people
w/o formal charges and proof? They’re damn lucky they were able to keep
those kids in jail as long as they were. Is it sad? Sure. Do lots of
people go missing every day that don’t get a fraction of this kind of
attention? You betcha. It helps if you’re pretty and have money. Tip of
the day: If you’re going to disappear mysteriously, be white.
Otherwise, better luck next time…or not. I think it’s unfortunate
that this story has become a darling of the extreme right wing.
Priorities, people.

By the way, I’m not saying I don’t feel bad for her family and loved
ones.  I think it’s obvious now that something really awful has
happened and if she comes home, she likely won’t be alive when she does
so.  I do think, however, that it’s not fair that they’re being
criticized when they (by they, I mean the Aruban Gov.) are doing
everything legally possible.  Governments are not miracle-workers.
The less money that goes there, the less the authorities can do in
their search and (hopeful) discovery of Ms. Holloway. It’s like
shooting yourself in the foot if you ask me.