This weekend has been anything but lazy or relaxing for me. I had a ton
of work to do yesterday, and luckily got most of it done. I finally
finished transcribing the interview I’ve been working on for nearly a
week now. Twenty freaking pages, single spaced. I went to Office Depot
yesterday for one of those keyboard wrist pillows because my wrists and
hands were unhappy with my increase in typing time. I also got this
cute little mouse wrist pillow for $4. Hopefully I’ll have fewer wrist
problems now. I finished up the reading for my Qual 1 class this
morning and I am really pissed because the Supe Store failed to include
four whole pages in our reader (that we paid over $50 for!). There’s a
thread on the class message board about it, and we are all pretty
angry. I sort of cheated because I bought the reader, made a photocopy
of the whole thing, punched holes in it to put in my binder, then
returned the original to the Supe Store for a full refund. Muahaha. I
guess I have less right to be angry than do my classmates who actually
bought and kept the reader. Still, that’s pretty inexcusable.
I got an email from a friend of mine the other day that
was sort of weird. We haven’t talked in at least 4 or 5 months and
haven’t hung out in nearly 8 months, mostly because of his girlfriend
(jealousy issues). He was saying mostly things like, “I really miss
you, I have a lot to talk to you about, lots of stuff has happened in
my life, etc.” I may give him a call today to go hang out because I’m
actually really curious. I’m hoping everything that happened was good
stuff, but I have a feeling that’s not the case. I’m also pretty sure
he broke up w/ his g.f. because otherwise he wouldn’t be talking to me.

Last night Scott and I went to go see The 40-Year Old Virgin.
It was really pretty funny, contrary to my expectations.  It was
nearly two hours, which is long for a comedy, but it didn’t feel that
long. There was some kid (maybe 17/18 at the oldest) who was sitting a
few chairs down from us that didn’t turn off his fucking cell
phone.  It rang during the move and he fucking answered it!!! I was amazed. Then he proceeded to carry on a conversation in his seat while the movie was playing (it was about halfway through at that point). I couldn’t believe his utter rudeness. After about 20 seconds I finally said, “Do you MIND?!!!
And then Scott said something along the lines of, “Dude.
Really…”  The kid not only kept talking, but flipped us
off.  Really. What the fuck? Even though my cell is my only phone,
I find cell phones to be annoying and at times rude.  More
specifically, I find people using them to be annoying and rude.  I
don’t answer my phone a whole hell of a lot (it’s on silent at least
half the time anyhoo) because I don’t feel like talking to people in
public, especially if it’s something personal.  I’m not so
insecure that I have to pretend I’m popular, nor do I have to disclose
all my deep dark secrets for others’ validation. Is it too much to ask
for people to try to be discreet?