I had a meeting w/ my advisor today and we went over the interviews I’ve transcribed thus far and he really liked them. We then had a discussion about some stuff that I’m going to need to know when I go and do….drumroll please…my first interview! Wheee! The thought of finding out something new and digging up something juicy and turning it into something that will benefit a major research project is hot! Whoa…I need to e-mail this lady ASAP to schedule a time, although my advisor warned me that it may take two interviews to cover all the ground that I need to cover. I also found out that the AERA (American Educational Research Association) 2006 meeting is in San Francisco. Sweeeeeeet. It’s in early April, so the weather will be so nice. I just hope I can afford it. Maybe that’s what I ask for for Christmas. Conference money. I think the student registration will be affordable, but the hotel (unless I can stay at Scott’s friend Mike’s house) and the airfare will be pricey. Not to mention food. The thought of going to San Francisco (even if it is for a conference) is really nice.

I have class tonight, and I am thinking we’ll get out early because we didn’t have that much as far as assignments from last week. I thoroughly read the first chapter and I skimmed the second one, so I should be ok. Then after class Scott and I are meeting at Rincon for a yummy (late) dinner. I think it’s so sweet that he waits for me to get out of class so that we can eat together. It’s definitely a bonding experience for us, even when we’re both really busy. We eat almost every meal together, except when one of us decide to go out with friends, which is sort of rare. Maybe two or three times a week. Flowers and all the romance-y stuff is nice, but I also like the fact that I have a guy that wants to be with me and cares about me. That’s worth more than anything tangible could be.