Today has been an insanely productive day.  I was up by about 8:30
(for some of you that seems sooo nice and late) and finished up
transcribing an interview tape (all 14 pages) and then worked on
finishing my book for my feminist research class and finished it around
10:30.  I’ve already come up with my class discussion question for
Wednesday and I’ve done all my postings for my Qual. I class.
Wheee!  I go teach in 2 and a half hours, and I have a couple of
small errands beforehand.  I am in class 6-9 and then I’m done for
the day.  Rawk.  Tomorrow I have a couple of things to do but
they aren’t nearly so involved as today’s activities were.  It
feels so much later in the day than it really is, probably because I’ve
done so much.  I also made waffles for brunch since I’m tired of
bagels every day.  They were good.

I think my mom is not going to try to wreck my universe this
time.  I told her straight up that I was going to Arizona, but
that I would be there for Thanksgiving.  She says that she calls
Christmas 2006.  We’ll see…I have a feeling this isn’t the last
I’ll hear of this.