I broke down today and went to the doctor.  I figured if I can’t
get better after two weeks, then something’s wrong.  I got loaded
up with some drugs and then I headed to Target to get them
filled.  I ran into an old friend of mine who’s moved back here to
take a teaching job, and it was cool catching up with her.  I also
bought stuff to make moussaka tonight and a frozen veggie lasagna for
whenever I don’t feel like making anything.  I had soup and
macaroni w/ butter for lunch (I know it sounds kind of gross, but it’s
actually good).  The Alabama-S.C. game is on now, but honestly I
don’t feel like watching it.  I know I have a good deal of work to
do and it seems stupid to waste time watching the game if I’m not
there.  I just can’t get into watching football on TV, I have to
be there to enjoy it.

Last night Scott and I had dinner at Maharaja and it was, well, pretty
bad.  Apparently they’re in transition with their kitchen staff
and this group is only temporary until next week when they have a bunch
of really good people coming in. It really showed.  The cream of
tomato soup, for example, was this awful Day-Glo orange color (think
hunting vest) and looked kind of oily, definitely not creamy.  And
the taste wasn’t too good, either. We ordered Navrathan Curry and it
had absolutely no spice to it and it was again oily.  Very
depressing.  The owner gave us a gift certificate, and I
definitely look forward to using it once they have a better kitchen
staff.  After that we came home and watched Varsity Blues, then we went out to a couple bars for drinks and just general hanging out.  When we got back home we started to watch Annie Hall
but I started getting sleepy (it was after midnight) so we went to
sleep.  I had some weird ass dreams last night, and I woke up all
congested, scratchy and dizzy (because my ears were all blocked
up).  I hope that with all the drugs I have now that I may get a
good night’s sleep and wake up in a much better way.