Hey, would someone motivate me? I have to go over my Kindermusik stuff
for tomorrow, read a chapter in my feminist theory book and come up
with some sort of intelligent abstract and a question for the
class.  And I don’t wanna.  Nope.  Oh and I got’s ta
teach, too.  Once this day is over, I’ll be just fine.

Class last night went well, except for the fact I can’t find my fucking
150-word summaries anywhere.  I wrote those things a week and a
half ago and darn if I didn’t have them.  My prof was cool with
it, but I hate looking bad like that.  I’ve already identified the
people in my class who are discussion monopolizers, and I hate people
like that.  I guess in some ways I’m at a disadvantage because I’m
new and  way younger and they tend to look down on me because of
that.  It was funny to see people frantically scramble to do their
work right before class started.  It made me feel like, “Hey, I
have my shit together.”  Oh well, I have nothing to prove to

I need a shower and then I need to get cracking on my readings. If I could just get an hour of rest today I’ll be happy.