My weekend in Savannah was quite nice, even if I was sick as a damn
dog. I am, in fact, still sick as a damn dog, and I’m not enjoying it
one bit. I tried to get in to see a doctor today but the three places I
checked were ridiculously full and I had no intention of sitting
amongst other sick people and perhaps getting more germs. It seriously
would have been a 2-3 hour wait just to get in, then perhaps another
hour to finish things up. Ummm…no. I went to CVS and got throat
spray, throat lozenges (guess what’s bothering me!), and some heavier
drugs to clear up all this congestion and postnasal drip.

Anyways, back to Savannah. We got there Thursday around dinner time and
had dinner at Savannah Bistro (or was it Bistro Savannah?)with Scott’s
friend Mike and then just wandered around a bit. We ended up at a gay
bar called Chuck’s and did some karaoke. I did “Fever” and it ended up
being good. I also did “Chain of Fools” but that one really sucked. I
think the three beers I downed prior to my performance had a role in
that. We stayed out until around 1, but considering I woke up at 6:30
that morning it seemed really, really late. Our room was at this
restored 60’s motor inn called the Thunderbird Inn. It was really cute
and it ended up being a great deal. They had good stuff for their
breakfast and the bed was really comfy. It also ended up being within
walking distance of most everything we wanted to see. Friday we went to
brunch at a placed called B. Matthew’s and then went to a park to
decide what exactly we wanted to do that day. We tried to go to Sapelo
Island (one of the Gullah Georgia Sea Islands) but it’s hard to get
there w/o being on a tour or being an invited guest of a resident, I
guess to keep it historically preserved and prevent over-development We
found out that another island, Dafuskie Island, near Hilton Head Island
was less restricted, so we went. It was an incredible experience. We
drove about 25 minutes to Hilton Head and caught a pontoon ferry over
to the island and had around 3 hours to explore before we had to leave
at 9. To get around the island you rent a golf cart at the marina and
just drive it around looking at some of the cool sites, like a really
old church, a small school house, and all of the unspoiled territory. I
also got to exhibit my mad golf cart driving skills. We had a beer at
this little place on the other side of the island and ended up getting
lost on our way back, but found our way back just in time. The ride
back was nice because it was really dark.

Saturday we walked around a lot and went beer shopping at this huge
awesome store sort of out towards the ‘burbs of Savannah. I was
astounded at the number of beers that are made but aren’t available in
Alabama because of our stupid-ass beer laws. Our laws are stupid because they serve only to benefit the big
brewers/distributors (think Miller, Bud, etc.) and keep a lot of good
microbrews (i.e., the stuff that’s actually worth drinking) out of the
state because their alcohol content exceeds the allowed  6%
alcohol by volume.  Don’t tell me it’s because people will get
drunk, because wine is more alcoholic than that and you can walk into
our lovely ABC stores and buy pure fucking grain alcohol.  Not to
mention I don’t know anyone who can afford to get drunk off of some of
those beers, considering some are $6-7 a bottle.
After that adventure we ate at this Greek restaurant and stuffed
ourselves silly.  I think every other table ordered saganaki
(flaming cheese) and the waitress’ unenthusiastic “Opa!” was too
funny.  After dinner we took a ghost tour, which was fun, but I
doubt most of it was true.  Or any of it, for that matter.
It made for a fun time, even if I did get mosquito bites all over my
feet.  I don’t know what it is about me, but mosquitos can’t seem
to get enough of me.

We headed home Sunday and didn’t do a whole hell of a lot.  I went
to bed super early but still couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t swallow
or breathe.  No fun.  I dread teaching and going to class
today because I know I will be miserable and a shadow of my usual