Click on this link and scroll down to August 31.  The second incident? I reported it.

I got out of my Feminist Research Methods class at a little after 9
(and it’s supposed to end at 8:50).  I was tired and hungry and
had to walk from Graves to the Ferg parking lot.  As I got to the
Ferg Plaza, I heard some yelling and then “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY
CAR!!!”  Repeatedly.  At this point, I’m thinking, wtf?? I
see a group of (I think) freshmen sitting on one of the benches
watching the whole thing.  I then realize it’s going on right next
to my car.  So I asked the kids what was going on and they said
something about the girl wanting to kill herself and the guy trying to
stop her and that it had been going on for a few minutes.  Like
hell I was going to get anywhere near that, so I called the cops.
As they showed up, the couple tried to drive away, but they were
apprehended after a few feet.  I waited a couple minutes, and when
I felt like it was safe, I walked to my car, backed out, and drove past
the whole fiasco.  Part of me really wants to know what was going
on, but mostly, I found it annoying that these people had to bring
their personal problems out so everyone and their freaking dog had to
hear and see them.

I didn’t get home until after 9:30.  Damnit.