I feel like I’ll be better in a couple days, but today I’ve definitely
been under the weather.  Scott was sweet enough to bring me some
soup and Advil cold/sinus stuff to restock my supply since I ran out
this morning.  I haven’t had any appetite at all, but I like soup
because it give me liquid.  There’s nothing like hot soothing
veggie soup running down an irritated throat. Also, if I don’t eat, my tummy turns all sorts of ways because of the
ungodly amount of postnasal drip.  I felt like throwing up all
last night and most of this morning.
I have accomplished quite a bit of stuff today despite not functioning
at 100%.  I picked up my paycheck, deposited it, mailed off two
books I sold on eBay, paid my cell phone bill, coordinated some make-up
lessons, and did some more transcribing.

This weekend’s trip should be good, but I’m hoping I won’t be sick. ,
I’ll get you something kick-ass for your b’day!! I’ve actually never
been to Savannah and I think it’ll be nice.  I work Thursday
morning but we’ll be heading out around 11 and hopefully get there by
about 6.  I will be back on Sunday night because I have stuff to
do Monday, and I don’t want to have to get up at the crack of dawn to
drive back here and then directly go to teach and then to a three hour
stats class.  Sunday night and Monday morning should give me
plenty of time to accomplish what I need to do and get some rest.

Nap time!