I am so. Freaking. Sick.  I managed to spiral down pretty quickly
and it hasn’t been fun.  I’m taking Advil Flu and Sinus to stop
this gushing waterfall that is my nose. It’s definitely my right sinus
and I’m afraid it’ll spread to my left and then the fun will really
begin.  The pressure is incredible and trust me, I’m no fun to be
around.  I just want some soup or a baked potato, but I’m way to
sick to even think of making anything.  Maybe I’ll run to
McAlister’s for a Justaspud and some tea, and then things will be

I put together my new desk
today and it’s fabulous!  It’s an oak mission style desk and has
two cute little drawers on either side and a pull out keyboard
desk.  I managed to put it together in such a way that I doubt
it’ll ever give me trouble.  (For $100, it better not.)  Now
I’m all comfortably set up to start my transcriptions (part of my job
as a GA) and hopefully have them done by Thursday morning.  This
weekend was not much of a weekend for me, but I did manage to
accomplish a hell of a lot, i.e.laundry, grocery shopping, general
tidying, and all my class work.  Too bad I feel like ass