First, this interview
on Meet the Press was so incredibly powerful.  I’ve linked to the
transcript, but nothing beats actually having seen it.  The
president of  Jefferson Parish, Aaron Broussard, absolutely broke
down.  I can’t even begin to describe how awful I felt watching
him in anguish.  Some people may think he is a nutcase for saying
that he wants to make Jeff Parish a separate country (so that it might
have actually been helped quicker), but ultimately this guy feels like
he has been failed, and in turn, that he has failed his

Today I for some reason slept until 10:00.  I couldn’t believe
it.  I never ever sleep that late, and I really didn’t go to bed
all that late (maybe 12-ish), so I have no idea what happened.
Scott and I went to the game last night (Roll Tide!) and had a good
time.  We left during the 3rd quarter (when we felt victory was
secure) and went to DePalma’s to eat and then to Bama Bean
for some coffee and hanging out.  When we got there we decided to
settle in to watch the Auburn-Tech game only to see that Chief
Justice Rehnquist had died.  It’s too bad that he experienced so
much suffering in his final days.  I worry that now we may have
a nutcase to contend with as a nominee to replace him.

I managed to finish all my reading for my BER 631 class (and write all
the commentary paragraphs) and I’m hoping my book for BER 673 comes in
so that I can do the reading by Wednesday night.  Even though I
have a lot of work to do, for the first time in a while I feel like my
workload is managable.  I start doing work related to my
assistantship this week, though I’m sure I won’t be paid until the end
of the month.  What a drag…