Due to the recent situation, Scott and I scrapped our plans to go to
NOLA next weekend (no brainer) and instead we will be going to
Savannah.  We’re staying at this place called The Thunderbird Inn
that is some 60’s motor lodge remodeled for current
sensibilities.  It’s supposed to be cute and comfy, though
kitschy.  I can deal with kitsch.  I feel bad about not going
to New Orleans, not because I “want” to go, but because I want to give
them my $$$.  Lord knows they’ll need it.  As soon as is
possible, I want to go there again, as bittersweet as it may be.

Still no word on my tuition waiver.  It’s pissing me off.
Here it is the 2nd day of September and I have no means to pay my
bills.  It should have been f-ing processed already, but as is
typical, they are dragging their feet.  That’s a lot of money that
should be mine, and should have been mind about a week ago.  Did I
mention that I still need a desk?  I don’t get what’s so hard
about sending in some paperwork within the SAME UNIVERSITY!!! Ugh….it’s
not the first time I’ve encountered this problem, but it is certainly
one of the more frustrating instances.  I get paid from my piano
teaching job sometime in the next couple days, but that’s not going to
be nearly enough.  Grrrr.  Not to mention I owe two people
money (and I hate the feeling).  And I’d like to get some
maintenance done on my car.  Did I mention bills?
Good.  Luckily (very) I have money to eat, but I have to be pretty
conservative with it.  I’ve been cooking a lot of interesting
stuff at home, rather than resort to just the same old standards.
I will allow myself to eat at Manna today because it’s veggie casserole
day and it’s just that good.  (, it’s sort of like Nana’s poppyseed chicken casserole, but with mixed veggies instead of chicken.)

In other news, I think I am allergic to commercial deodorants,
especially those heavy duty ones.  I bought some “all-natural”
stuff a couple weeks ago.  It works ok but when I get hot I smell
like a commune.  I may see if I can find something a bit less
earthy.  It sucks that I can’t use stuff like Secret or the clear
gel ones, but my skin doesn’t like them, so c’est la vie.
I have some seriously sensitive skin and it only seems to be getting
worse with age, rather than the opposite.  I got bit by
fleas/mosquitos the other night and my legs look awful!  Not to
mention I got stung by a wasp the other day (on my finger).  I was
so afraid I would have a reaction like I do to beestings, but all it
really did was swell up a bit and make it hard to eat with a fork or
write, so I became a lefty for a day.

I need a shower, although part of me just wants to go back to
sleep.  I’ve been up for a few hours and I really don’t feel awake