This should prove to be an interesting week.  There is still no
definitive answer to the question “Are classes cancelled?”  I
can’t see how they can possibly
justify not doing so, but with the university, you never know.
Every freaking county, city, and private school in the area is
closed.  University of West Alabama is closed.  I don’t teach
today (we rely on the city/county schools for scheduling, so if they’re
out, we’re off).  My class tonight is at 6 and I have a feeling I
won’t want to be anywhere but home tonight.  I’m going to try to
knock out some laundry and see if my refund check is in so that I can
buy some small necessities and fill up my gas tank (not a bad idea for
anyone, really, since gas is now >$70/barrel).

I woke up this morning feeling like ass because I went to a party last
night and had just a tad to drink (3 or 4 glasses of wine and a few
beers).  It was a good time and I met the (in)famous Cousin Bill
(my friend Merrily’s cousin) who was in from D.C. for the weekend. He
was a lot of fun and kept telling me about how he made passes at Scott
and that Scott resisted.  I could tell Scott was really
uncomfortable but I found it hilarious.  I told Bill (probably not
too soberly) “Dude….I sooooo
don’t blame you!!!”  And he kept saying “Y’all are the perfect
couple… when’s the wedding? I give really nice gifts!”  and then
proceeded to show us the silver Tiffany bowl he gave Merrily for a
wedding present, I guess to show us he wasn’t kidding.  He was
flamboyant and so much fun!

I was also somewhat sad because I’m worried about the people of NOLA,
esp. the ones currently trapped in the Superdome (with its failing
roof).  Scott and I are supposed to go the weekend of the 9th but
if there’s a lot of damage that might not happen.  We’ll have to
get in touch w/ the B&B to see what will happen.  I do hope
they’re ok and that there isn’t a catastrophic amount of damage.
I guess I should also worry about my own ass considering we’re on the
east edge of the storm (the nasty side).  I find it odd that
there’s a greater risk of damage and less local media coverage.
After Emily and Dennis, I think they’re worried about being the boy
crying wolf.  Still, I’m expecting some nastiness tonight.

I need to dry my hair and get to going before things get scary.  Everyone please stay safe!!!