I am really hoping that my financial woes get solved to-day.
I called up to the Ed. Res. office and apparently they hadn’t submitted
my tuition waiver yet, so I gave them the number of someone in student
receivables to call and talk to.  I hope that actually happened,
because otherwise it will be Monday or Tuesday before I see anything.
At least I have a little bit of money to get me through the
weekend.  I have (luckily) sold a couple of books on eBay, but
that’s not going to pay for my books now.

Last night Scott, Utz, Ted (a friend of ours) and I went out to Benkei,
a Japanese steak place in town.  The service was fucking
atrocious.  We got there at 7:15 or so and didn’t get our food
until after 8.  And we were sooo hungry when we arrived.
They were waiting for our table to fill, so the last two people to get
there ate almost immediately.  After we finished I dropped off
Scott and hung out with the guys for a while.  They gave me a lot
of academic advice, which I think will be really helpful.  It’s
nice to have friends that are in a position to help out and give
advice.  They strongly urged me to stake a claim in the GTA office
and to actually spend some time in there, even if I’m doing my own
work.  There was a lot of “what to expect” advice as well.
It was really nice.

Today I’m going in to check out the office, buy printer paper and a few
miscellaneous school supplies, teach a lesson (if she even shows up…)
and then I’m going to the pool.  I also need to run to the post
office to mail off a book that I sold.  I don’t think going to the
gym is in the cards for me, which is fine.  Yoga last night was
plenty exerting.  I really feel like it’s making a difference in
my body, so it’s something I’m sticking with for sure.