I’m getting really sick of people who aren’t adult/responsible enough to make simple plans and then follow through with them. This chick has major issues, to say the least. She whines about not having money and wanting to avoid going out to eat (to lose weight), then turns right around and goes out to eat with every one of her friends but me (and to places that seriously undermine both of her intentions). And she also (most annoyingly) posts what she’s eaten every single day on her LJ. Like anyone cares…I’ve been tempted to be sort of ugly about it and say something like, “If you’re trying to lose weight, I wouldn’t eat stuff like that.” I think at this point, the negatives of being friends with her outweigh the positives and I should just phase her out of my life. I’m pretty good friends with her sister, but that’s because she has her act together and I feel that I can maintain my friendship with her without having to be friends with the other. I think having friends like her poisons my life and I need to be more proactive about maintaining friendships with the people who mutually work with me. I have a lot of friends who do call me and make the effort, and I end up neglecting them while I go chasing after friends who aren’t worth my time. I’m hoping this is just a part of becoming a full-fledged adult.

Today is my first day of classes and I’m admittedly somewhat nervous. I know I’m probably among the youngest, if not the youngest. I don’t feel like I have anything to prove, but being different is always a bit awkward. I don’t know anyone in my program, and no one knows me. I hope that my transition is smooth. I also hope my freaking money comes in so that I can do fun things like pay bills and my share of the household expenses. And pay my aunt back so that my mom gets off my case. And buy a new desk since mine broke during the move (I haven’t had a desk in like 3 weeks!). I will just keep checking my account until I see something good.