Today I taught two lessons and they both went really well. I feel so bad for them because it’s after school, and I know how it is to have to concentrate for half an hour after sitting in a classroom for 8 hours a day. The second student is a 7 year old boy who always has to bring a “friend” to his lesson. Last week it was a stuffed crocodile named (creatively) “Crocky” This week it was a paper dog named Yappers. Towards the end of his lesson I played a new piece for him before he took it home to work on. He was sitting next to me and suddenly just leaned over on me and grabbed my arm. It was soooo cute! It feels good to know that my students like me and that I’m a good teacher. I think this job will be good for me during the school year. It’s surprisingly stress-relieving.

The Rec is now overrun with all these fucking freshmen. Rather than ‘splode with rage, I laugh to myself and say “Your ass won’t even remember this place in two months.” It’s always like that at the beginning of the semester: everyone and their dog goes to the Rec and swears that it will become a habit. Riiiiiiight. Thirty pounds and 6 months later we find that it didn’t quite pan out. I always look forward to October and February because that seems to mark the exodus from the Rec so the rest of us are left to workout in peace. Today I tried doing some weights but it was so ridiculous that I just retreated to a corner upstairs and did pushups and situps until my muscles burned. Maybe I’ll pick a better time to go tomorrow and get in some more serious weight training. I’m trying to work up to 25 lbs on bicep curls and I’m nowhere near that yet (I’m currently doing 12.5’s). I’d also love to go to yoga because my back has been stiff all day. I’ve felt a lot better in general since the beginning of my Rec habit.

Tomorrow I have Kindermusik classes to observe and then possibly lunch with my former advisor. I did some errands today and found out that my refund check (the big one) “might” be in by the end of the week. Ugh. It sorta sucks not having money but hopefully that’ll only last a few more days.