I got really curious and e-mailed my former advisor to see if she had
received my form and when she had sent it in.  Her response? “Oh,
I must have misplaced it…”  WTF?!  You don’t just go
misplacing things like that.  Then I get an e-mail from my current
advisor telling me that coming straight out of a bachelor’s degree, I
should enroll in the master’s program and then transfer over to the
Ph.D. program in a year or so.  OK…that’s not so bad.  But
I do have to go over there today and fill out a bunch of paperwork to
get things going.  I will have a couple classes that won’t make
the transfer over to the Ph.D. program, but I can always use summer
semesters to make up for lost time.  I’d ideally like to still be
done in 4 years, although classes will only occupy 2-3 of those years
and then the rest will be dissertation (and I don’t have to be
physically here for that).

Yesterday I spent over three hours at the pool getting sun and hanging
out.  It was needed, and I actually have just a bit of color on me
today. Don’t anyone get their hopes up for a bronzed beauty now.
I do the best I can.  I also went to the Rec for a short workout
(I was starving and didn’t have the energy for more than 20
minutes).  I then went home, cooked dinner (corn-jalapeno pancakes
and black bean tostadas), and then Scott and I decided to go rent a
movie.  We rented Amelie.  We got it home and it wouldn’t advance past the second
scene, not even when we went frame-by-frame.  So I went back to
the store and complained and grabbed our second choice.  Also
incredibly scratched.  Grrr.  Now I have a $4.27 credit on my
account, but I wanted a movie, damnit!  Instead we watched some
King of the Hill episodes that Scott had in a boxed set.  I
looooove that show!

OK, time to go do some laundry, go work out, go take care of paperwork,
and then pick up Scott for lunch.  It’s veggie casserole day at
Manna Grocery.  Yummmmmm