My whole outlook has changed so much in 24 hours.  I had a meeting
today with a guy in the Ed Research dept. and we finalized all the
paperwork for my admission and my assistantship.  Not only am I
keeping my assistantship, but it appears I have it for the entire
academic year and it’s more generous than what I had anticipated.
It was such a relief.  Everything is squared away and I’m really
hoping that my money falls through by the end of the month, if not next
week.  When that happens I can take care of a lot of stuff, and
that will feel so good.  I’m hoping to stick a substantial amount
in savings and pay off my credit card.  Then I will have a living
wage (for the first time ever) and I will have an easier time sticking
to my budget.  I’ll be working 20 hours a week with my GRA
position and then I’ll have another 5.5 hours with my music
stuff.  That will leave (I hope) plenty of time for Heather to be
a good student (i.e. doing the readings, writing papers, etc.)  I
really think that if I work hard enough I can swing at least a 3.7, if
not a 4.0.  I think having a few loads taken off my chest will
make me happier and more productive.  I won’t worry about money
anymore, I won’t hate my job, and I hopefully won’t hate my academic
work.  I don’t have to worry about SoM shit anymore.
Ahhh…I feel better already.

I made a quick trip to Target today and found some incredible
deals.  I bought a pink polo shirt for $2.48 and I found a cute
plastic shower caddy (to leave in my gym locker) for 99 cents.  I
also bought another tube of my signature lip color (Sonia Kashuk Sheer
Diva), though that wasn’t an incredible deal.  My 3:30 student was
(again) a no-show.  Not
cool.  I am beginning to resent her and I’m beginning to resent my
boss for not addressing the situation.  I sure hope I get paid
regardless, because I show up at least 10-15 minutes early and I stayed
until a little after 3:45.  I managed to do some practicing (just
scales and etudes) but it would have been nice to get a call or
something apologizing.  How f-ing inconsiderate.

I should probably go shower since I smell awful and I’m going out in
less than an hour.  I will look forward to days when I only need
one shower.